Chrissie Page

Christina Page

Performing Artist (Aus)

Christina “Chrissie” Page

She is a regular performer in theatre and film, as a voiceover artist and in role-play for education and training purposes across many industries. She works mainstage and also in independent and experimental productions.

Chrissie is proud of the passionate and exciting arts industry here in this State and that South Australia is recognised locally, nationally and internationally for Arts excellence.

With Flinders University Drama Centre and ACArts graduating students every year, a number of major arts festivals, the South Australian Film Corporation, renowned theatre companies and a myriad of small innovative companies producing creative, accessible work to audiences in city, metropolitan and rural areas in South Australia, she is a strong advocate for the Arts.

She is a senior professional performer who mentors young people in this innovative and challenging industry, and believes that ALL professional artists should have the opportunity to be creative, and produce works that tell our real stories, and affirm who we are as a people and showcase that to the world.