Rachel Martin

Associate Professor Rachel Martin

Dentist and Director, Australian Network for the Integration of Oral Health (NIOH)

Associate Professor Rachel Martin

A dentist and registered Specialist in Public Health Dentistry, Rachel’s focus is on improving the lives of vulnerable people through oral health within all health.

With skills and experience in education and training; clinical practice and governance; research, translation, and impact; and advocacy and regulation, Rachel currently oversees clinical governance at Barwon Health Oral Health Services.

She also chairs the Public Dentists Committee of the ADA (Vic branch), National Notification and Immediate Action Committees (Dental Board of Australia), and is a board member of the Australian Dental Research Foundation.

She is an active member of the Oral Health Working Group of the World Federation of Public Health Associations and is co-founder and director of the Australian Network for the Integration of Oral Health, dedicated to the social and systems change required to improve oral health for all Australians. Rachel is also an executive coach and owner of The Resilience Arena, bringing a coaching approach to health.