Rob Bonner ARIIA Speaker

Rob Bonner

Chair, HumanAbility

Rob Bonner

Rob established and is Chair of the new Jobs and Skills Council for the Early Childhood, Human Services, Health and Sport & Recreation Industries.

HumanAbility provides industry leadership and advice on jobs and skills, develops and assists in the implementation and review of training products for various sectors, actively engages our industry stakeholders and facilitates and advocates for workforce development.

Before this, Rob was also the Executive Director of operations for the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) South Australian Branch with whom he was employed for 37 years until he retired from full-time work in 2023. He led the ANMF research team which undertook the research which resulted in the safe staffing report in 2017.

He has long experience in the workforce development area having served previously as (Acting) Chair and Deputy of the Aged Care Industry Reference committee, a member of the Australian Industry & Skills Committee, the SA Training & Skills Commission of SA and was also Chair of the former national Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council.

His active participation in vocational education and training was recognised in 2022 where he was received the national award for Outstanding Achievement in VET and Skills.

Rob is also Deputy Chair of the Rosemary Bryant AO Research Centre’s Steering Committee and is a Board Director of HESTA (Super Fund) as well as a Director of the National Careers Institute’s Advisory Board.